About Demi Steijn

Demi Steijn

Demi Steijn. Is an 18 years old dutch entrepreneur.

He is the founder of online marketing agency Dest Digital. His expertise in social media and paid advertising begins in 2016 when Steijn creates his instagram business and manages pages to get a reach of one million.

Steijn is also a huge believer in crytocurrency and operates as a crypto trader for LizCrypto. Steijn’s adventure in crypto started in 2017 when bitcoin hit his ATH and was hyped in the media. Steijn is teaching Technical analyses and basic information about crypto in his online classes. 

Steijn is also a friend of many influencers. He is the king of PR and growing your socials online. Steijn is knowed by many influencers in The Netherlands and Belgium, he helped them in growing their socials and closing deals with big brands.